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Experience and innovation at the service of energy transformation.

Navantia Seanergies is an international global partner in the green energy sector with extensive experience in offshore wind industry and hydrogen technologies. We stand out for our long track record and remarkable capacity to confront and overcome the challenges inherent to the development of projects that are crucial for the progress towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


Solutions, our way of collaborating in the energy transition

Our experience in supplying marine structures of all kinds, developing innovative solutions such as hydrogen or completing complex electrical system projects endorse us as drivers of the energy transition.
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Ready to go further

Our experience in large offshore wind energy projects has opened the doors to a global market, extending beyond Spain and Europe to the American continent, Asia and Australia, making us the most complete partner for large-scale projects.


COEX Green Energies Navantia Seanergies

The three sites of the Green Energy Centre of Excellence in Spain: Fene, Puerto Real and Cartagena, are the collaborative space to drive open innovation together with customers, companies in our supply chain, SMEs, business associations, R&D&I agents such as universities, technology centres and other strategic partners.
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Leading the way to a more sustainable world

The Noirmoutier Park jacket grows in Puerto Real

A towering steel structure presides over Puerto Real Shipyard. This is a jacket for a substation destined for an offshore wind farm in France.

On the radio: We discussed the new regulation for offshore wind energy that was released for public review

“We are prepared, and we are working to be even more prepared,” said José Luis Inogés Esteban.

Navantia Seanergies travels to Baku as part of the WindEurope delegation

We are delighted to have been part of a delegation from the WindEurope association that attended the Second Ministerial Meeting of the Green Energy Advisory Council in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Ready for the future

We develop projects all over the world, establish local alliances and strategic partners internationally, work in engineering, procurement, production, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms and other green energy sectors.
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